Top Virals Today | 60-Year-Old Woman Spent all Her Money On Toy Boy
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60-Year-Old Woman Spent all Her Money On Toy Boy

A 60-year-old woman returned to the United States completely broke after her Sri Lankan toy boy was killed. Martha travelled the world and fell in love on a much younger man in Sri Lanka. For her it was real love, she gave him all her money. Six years later, he was killed by some jealous gangster who wanted his money. Martha discovered he had another wife and just used her for her money, she is now thousands of dollars in debt finally realized her husband never even loved her.

After working hard her whole life, Martha decided to travel the world.

After having worked her whole life, Martha thought it was finally time to get some well-earned vacation. She had earned plenty of money and decided to travel from one country to another. While discovering the beauties of Sri Lanka, she met a man and fell in love with him. He was 40 years younger than her though, but it didn’t mind. During their marriage, Martha had given him all her money and he had spent everything. She discovered he was only with her for her money when it was already too late.

In Sri Lanka she fell in love with a man and married him. But he only wanted to be with her for her money.

Her husband got shot by some local gangsters who were jealous of him. They knew he had a big and fancy house and an expensive car. At first Martha mourned her husband, but that feeling quickly went away. She had to repay a lot of money to her bank because of him. To repay her debt she wanted to sell their house, but her in-law’s wouldn’t let her. They even kept her imprisoned in her house, she wasn’t allowed to leave without someone looking after her.

6 years later her husband died and Martha lost all her money and owns thousands in debt.

With the help of some friends, she was able to flee from her in-laws and get back to the United States. Martha can finally start a new chapter in her life, but still has to repay all her debts. Later she found out her husband was married to another woman, making it even clearer he was only married to Martha for her money.