Top Virals Today | A Woman With Severe Pet Allergies Gave Shelter to Hundreds of Animals, and It Left Us Speechless
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A Woman With Severe Pet Allergies Gave Shelter to Hundreds of Animals, and It Left Us Speechless

People with pet allergies know what a tough decision it is to have a pet, when every contact with an animal makes you suffer. For Caitlin Cimini, from New Jersey, however, this has never been an issue. Despite being severely allergic to animals, she has saved hundreds of them so far, and it doesn’t seem that she’s planning on stopping anytime soon. On her ranch she gathers abandoned or injured creatures and gives them all the love and care she can.

We’ve learned more about this wonderful woman and the animals she has saved, and we hope you get inspired by her story, just like we did!

Caitlin Cimini has always loved animals. As a girl, she used to spend her summers riding horses, and later on, she took part in animal rescue and rehabilitation projects. One day she rescued a wild Mustang which was about to be sold to a slaughterhouse.

Saving a wild horse was a tough experience, as Caitlin had to combine training the animals with a full time job. Despite the difficulties, she realized that helping animals in need was her mission. She continued to give a helping hand to abandoned and mistreated animals, attracting other people who also wanted to make their contribution.

Nothing could stop this dedicated woman from helping animals in danger.

Caitlin knew that she was allergic to all kinds of animals, except for chickens, way before she started helping them. Her endless love for animals made Caitlin forget that her hands and face got covered with blisters, and in 2013 she opened a sanctuary for abandoned and injured animals that she called Rancho Relaxo.

Caitlin is not used to complaining about her physical state, and only once has she posted a picture on Facebook that showed the allergic reaction she had. In the post, Caitlin says that her body gets covered with red rashes at least once a week, and it looks pretty severe. Despite the physical reaction she has, this brave woman says she would not change what she does for a single moment.

“Who cares what I look like? And being a little itchy and tender is nothing compared to what animals in factory farms go through. I would much rather suffer mildly forever than have had the animals we have already rescued suffer any longer than they did,” says Caitlin.

It’s almost unbelievable, but it’s true. The permanent “citizens” of her farm sanctuary are horses, goats, chickens, pigs, cats, and many others, each of them having their own sad story with a happy ending. A piglet named Alba was rescued from a laboratory where she was burn tested for weeks on end. A teenaged goat named Susan was taken from a farmer who said she was useless since she couldn’t handle pregnancy and was dragging her back legs.

A calf named Potato was rescued from a petting zoo where he was exploited during the whole season and was going to be sent to slaughter. Baia-Roe, a gorgeous racing horse, used to have a successful career, but when she reached a certain age, her owners found her useless. Luckily, the animal was saved and became part of the Rancho Relaxo family after a long rehabilitation.

There are not only farm animals in Caitlin’s sanctuary: the ranch is home for pets as well. A cat named Buck was sold at a produce stock for $1, and a Great Pyrenees pup named Michael was donated by a generous couple who learned that Caitlin was looking for a dog who could become the rancho protector. Caitlin’s kindness and generosity have no boundaries.

Caitlin has done so much by saving mistreated animals, but she’s not going to stop. She launched a GoFundMe page to attract more people who can contribute to animal rescue, and managed to expand the farm with the help of the raised money. Caitlin plans to rescue even more animals, together with her family, friends, and followers. Let’s wish this dedicated woman good luck, and follow her example of helping those in need.

What do you think of Caitlin’s story and her selfless way of saving animals? Do you know anyone else who would go the extra mile to help those in need? Share your thoughts and stories in the comments!