Top Virals Today | Elmer’s Glue Hacks That Prove It’s Great For Much More Than Arts and Crafts
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Elmer’s Glue Hacks That Prove It’s Great For Much More Than Arts and Crafts

When we buy a product, our first instinct is typically to use it for its intended purpose; sponges wipe things up, WD-40 removes rust, and Vicks VapoRub can loosen congestion in a heartbeat. But with a little ingenuity and a creative eye, the most mundane household item can do incredible things — even a bottle of glue.

Sure, glue holds things together, but did you know that it can also clean, beautify, and even heal? Get ready to open up your craft drawer because after reading these 20 Elmer’s glue hacks, you’ll never want to be without that little white bottle again…

1. Blackhead Removal: Pore cleaning masks are expensive, but a bottle of Elmer’s glue will get the job done for less. Just apply a light layer to the skin, let it sit until dry, and then peel those blackheads away.

2. Clean a Record: Clean your records the right way with a bottle of Elmer’s wood glue. Just like you would pull pores out of your face, let the glue dry on the record and then peel it away to remove any unwanted particles.

3. Sea Glass: If you’re hankering for some sea-weathered glass without getting sand in your shoes then look no further than Elmer’s glue. Mixing the glue with dye will give any glass that opalescent look.

4. Soften Hands: Elmer’s also makes a great moisturizer for hands in desperate need of a little rejuvenation. Apply a generous amount of glue to your hands, let it dry, and then peel it off to leave your palms baby smooth.

5. Peel-Off Lip Stain: Tired of the the uneven look of cheap lip stain? Well, by using a bit of glue as a base you can create a great-looking peel-off stain that you can customize to whatever shade you like!

6. Slime: Any kid would go crazy over a squishy ball of slime, and all you need to make this crazy concoction is a bottle of Elmer’s, some borax, a little bit of water, and your favorite food coloring.

7. Sun Tattoos: Using sun-tan lotion to give yourself a sun tattoo might seem the logical choice, but wiping it off can be a messy endeavor. Drawing a pattern with Elmer’s glue will allow you to peel off your design with ease.

8. Fill Nail Holes: Moving out and leaving nail holes behind? Fret not! Simply fill the holes with a touch of glue, smooth it out, let it dry, and then paint over the problem area.

9. Smooth Eyebrows: Glue sticks aren’t just for arts and crafts, you know: they also make the perfect beauty tool! If you’re tired of unruly eyebrows, just pick up a nice stick of Elmer’s and tame those bad boys on the spot.

10. Peel-Off Glitter Nail Polish: Like lip stain, glitter nail polish can prove incredibly difficult to remove. But here’s a quick fix: just use glue as a base for your polish and those sparkles will peel right off.

11. Faux Stained Glass: Instead of going through the painstaking process of literally staining glass, you can turn every window in your house into a work of art by painting them with a mixture of glue and acrylic paint.

12. Paper Cuts: Getting a paper cut hurts, but the real pain comes when you’re forced to continue your day with that annoying, paper-thin gash in your finger. Dab some Elmer’s on the cut to keep bacteria out.

13. Crackled Finish: Want that new piece of furniture to look vintage? After painting your base coat, apply a layer of glue and another layer of paint; once the mixture dries, you’ll have yourself the perfect crackled finish.

14. Fix Frayed Shoelaces: If you notice that your lace is starting to come apart, dip the end in some glue and wrap it tightly with string to keep your favorite pair of shoes intact.

15. Button Repair: Over time the threads that hold shirt buttons down begin to loosen and fray. To keep those buttons nice and tight, just squeeze some glue onto the threads and they’ll be as strong as ever.

16. Save a Puzzle: What’s the point of finishing a 10,000-piece puzzle if you’re just going to crumble it up and throw it right back in the box? Save that lion portrait for life by applying a healthy glob of glue!

17. Remove a Splinter: Splinter causing you some serious annoyance? Dab some Elmer’s on the wound, let it dry, and as you peel off the glue the splinter should come right out.

18. Seal Plants: Pruning your plants is a necessity, but leaving branches unsealed can make them susceptible to disease and infestation. Luckily, a dab of Elmer’s glue provides a quick and easy solution.

19. Anchor Screws: Sometimes our efforts to secure a screw end up with us stripping the hole completely. To avoid having to drill another, just squeeze a little glue inside and let it dry around the screw to keep it in place.

20. Nail Polish Clean-Up: To avoid the nail polish remover, coat the area around your nail with glue and just peel away any polish spillover. Now there’s no reason to paint your own nails at home.