Top Virals Today | Extremely Common Shower Habits That Pose Risks People Don’t Even Consider
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Extremely Common Shower Habits That Pose Risks People Don’t Even Consider

They say cleanliness is next to godliness, which is great news for us mere mortals. Unfortunately, modern hygiene is far more complicated than most people realize. Even a five-minute shower is filled with pitfalls that could actually leave your body grosser than it was before!

But instead of going medieval and bathing just once a year, you might want to follow these handy tips. With just a few tweaks to your routine, you can wash away the grime and have yourself feeling — not to mention smelling — better in no time.

1. We’re taught from an early age to shower each day, but that doesn’t mean every shower should include all the same steps. For instance, experts recommend only washing your hair a few times a week! Daily shampooing strips natural oils from the scalp.

2. Attention, facial mask fanatics: applying your mask after a shower won’t do much more than dehydrate your poor skin. Your best bet is to put it on beforehand to get a deep clean before your face dries out.

3. Similar to the risks of shampooing every day, there are also drawbacks to lathering up with too much soap or body wash. A bubble overload gets rid of helpful oils on your skin, exposing them to dryness and irritation.

4. Long hair can take forever to dry, but it turns out wrapping it in a towel isn’t the best way to accomplish that. This method can put quite a bit of stress on your hair, weakening the strands over time.

5. Of all the dangerous stunts James Bond has pulled, taking a super-long shower is actually toward the top of the list! Anything beyond ten minutes is bound to dry out your skin, leaving you shaken, but not stirred.

6. After a workout, sometimes you want to strut around in your athletic gear for a while so everybody knows you’re a gym rat. But delaying your post-exercise shower could give all that grime extra time to settle deep into your skin. So clean up right away!

7. When you leave your soap in the same spot that’s always gathering water, you’re in for a bad time. To keep all kinds of bacteria from settling in, opt for a drainable soap dish, or just try body wash.

8. Some purists out there insist on taking a bath over a shower. This more time-intensive option is fine, just as long as you remember to clean out your tub on a regular basis. Without that, it becomes little more than the grubbiest jacuzzi of all time.

9. You should love your razor just as much as Sweeney Todd does — just don’t pick up on his other habits. In short, don’t leave your razor sitting in the shower to gather bacteria and always replace a dull blade.

10. Even the nicest soaps and washes aren’t meant to stay on your body for long, which is why thorough rinsing is such an important part of any shower. Not washing away the harsh chemicals can leave your skin suffering for the rest of the day.