Top Virals Today | Grandma’s Unconventional Hack For Folding Fitted Sheets Has Internet In Stitches.
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Grandma’s Unconventional Hack For Folding Fitted Sheets Has Internet In Stitches.

There are some things in life that are humanly impossible and we just have to accept that.

We can’t fly, we can’t teleport, and we absolutely cannot fold fitted sheets. All three of these things defy the laws of physics and I will hear no other opinions on the matter.

If you’re anything like me when it comes time to change sheets, you take that fitted sheet out of the dryer, crumple it up into a ball, and promptly forget about it for the next week because trying to do anything else with it will only cause deep emotional trauma. But could there be a better way? According to Indiana grandmother Terri Estep Metz, the answer is yes!

funny lady

In the most aptly titled video of all time, “Oh sheet! It’s just that easy #toodaloo,” Terri tells us that she’s going to teach us a foolproof sheet-folding method. We’re listening. First, you have to put one leg in each of two corners.

fold fitted sheet
After that, you do the same thing with your arms to the remaining corners. This is turning into a full-body workout pretty quickly, but I’ll allow it.

fold fitted sheet

“So then what you’re gonna do next,” Terri explains, “is just lay your body down, kinda like this. And you may be happy to lay down ’cause you’re already wore out by this point because folding sheets is nonsense.” I feel seen.

fold fitted sheet
Now it’s time for a fun little roll so that you ultimately become a human caterpillar stuffed inside of a cocoon. In my opinion, this should be the last step before we give up completely and nap, but let’s see what she suggests we do next.

fold fitted sheet
Oh, good! We get one of our hands back. By tucking the corner that was in the left hand into the same corner being held by the right, we now have one limb free. This is what I would use to wipe my tears that are absolutely falling after spending this much time with a fitted sheet.

fold fitted sheet
Before we even have time to process the freedom of one hand, she removes both legs from their cotton prison! Now here’s the key. At this point, it’s time to “gingerly” roll your whole body way up outta there.

fold fitted sheet
Once you escape before ever realizing your dream of becoming a housekeeping butterfly, it’s time to give that puppy a neat little tri-fold. Honestly, this woman is a legend and a god.

fold fitted sheet
Her final advice? “Shove that baby in the linen closet and be proud.” You know what? I will.

Check out her unorthodox techniques down below and share if she made you laugh!