Top Virals Today | Groom In Wheelchair Overcomes All Odds Walking Down Aisle
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Groom In Wheelchair Overcomes All Odds Walking Down Aisle

The power of love overcomes all obstacles.

Just six weeks into college, Chris Norton’s life was forever changed.

After a tragic collision on the football field, Chris learned he suffered a severe spinal cord injury, causing him to lose sensation below his neck.

Doctors told Chris the unfortunate news that he only had a 3% chance of ever walking again. “At that point, I just lost it,” Chris admitted, “I was completely scared for my future because up until this point, as an 18-year-old, my life went according to plan. Everything was working out for me. For me, this was not part of the plan.”

With Chris’s world flipped upside down, he became worried he would never find love — until he met Emily. Three years after his accident, Emily entered his life and Chris just knew she was the one.

“For someone to look past my injury and my physical challenges, and instantly I knew, Emily, she didn’t see that — she saw me for who I was, and I instantly had a connection with her.”
Rather than focusing on the things he couldn’t do, Chris focused on what he could do. By taking one day at a time, Chris worked on his recovery through physical therapy and exercise, with the help of Emily by his side.

The couple’s love story continued, and the night before their college graduation, Chris proposed to Emily. Then, months later at the pair’s wedding, Chris stunned everyone.

In an incredible triumph, moments after being announced husband and wife, Chris and Emily embraced one another in a kiss and Chris walked seven yards down the aisle, arm and arm with his beautiful, new bride.

Conquering all odds, the inspirational couple leaned on one another and walked into their new phase of life, together in love.

Chris said, “When I walked with Emily at the wedding, it was such a special moment to share with her and to know that we did this together. It wasn’t just me, or her, but we did this together, and how powerful love can be and how far love can carry you in life and to know that we’ll have each other going forth until we pass.”

Emily shared, “Life has never been easier, and I know that’s crazy, but when you find something that you love so much, it just doesn’t seem like work, and it brings us so much joy, and it’s incredible to see the power of love.”

“I just remember feeling a sense of peace that I knew that if I had Chris, that no matter what I went through in life, that I was going to be OK,” Emily continued.

The moving couple are now foster parents to five children, all under the age of 8 years old.

As the couple take their next steps as husband and wife, they are now writing a book and filming a documentary, “Seven Yards,” to share their extraordinary story. Chris has also become a motivational speaker, embracing his motto, “turn your mess into a message.”

The power of love is evident in this couple’s journey, as they overcome life’s obstacles together, supporting one another with unconditional love.