Top Virals Today | Gym Goers Who Don’t Care What People Think
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Gym Goers Who Don’t Care What People Think

Some people love every second of their gym routine: the sweating, the grueling strain on muscles, and the satisfaction of crushing an exhausting workout. These muscle maniacs strive to perfect their bodies with state-of-the-art equipment and immaculate form; it’s all about those gains.

Then there’s the rest of the world. People who do get themselves to a gym, but maybe need a lesson or two on how to actually work out efficiently. These 25 photos of gym-goers will have you asking the question, “Do you even lift, bro?”

1. This dog’s probably ticked off that some human snuck up behind him while he was doing his yoga poses and photobombed him with a downward dog of his own. “Hey! It’s a downward dog, not downward human!”

2. You’d imagine Ronald McDonald probably tosses back a whole lot of McDonald’s burgers and fries, so that means he needs a serious gym workout to keep that slim frame. Although ol’ Ronnie might want to up his weights to have any real effect.

3. Most people look at a hamster spinning wildly around a wheel and laugh at how much energy they’re wasting. This guy, however, saw the wheel and made it his lifelong mission to conquer it.

4. Ethel never skips leg day. Twice a week she wakes up early and gets her hair curled. She then amasses the courage of a thousand warriors and hits the gym hard with her curlers in full effect — and some sweet tube socks.

5. If you want to train for the Tour de France, there’s only one proper way to do it: dress in full riding gear and treat your local gym’s spin class like it’s the race of your life. Everyone around you is an opponent.

6. If this guy adds any more weight onto that dumbbell, his brain’s gonna pop out of his scalp before he completes his reps. That kid in the background needs to tell him a little less pain means a little less vein.

7. This guy managed to take a piece of machinery meant for increasing endurance and turn it into a device that makes him lazier. Laziness isn’t a good thing, but this guy gets a solid A for effort.

8. This woman has it all figured out. She knows the only thing better than the satisfaction of a good workout is a cold cocktail. Why wait until you get home to have one? Bring it to the gym for instant gratification.

9. Mr. Potato Head finally started heeding his doctor’s warnings about the onset of heart disease and signed up for a gym membership. Right now he’s a Yukon Gold but his goal is to slim down to a fingerling.

10. This woman is not impressed by this startlingly-feline unitard. It’d be tough to take your personal trainer seriously if they stepped out of the locker room dressed like a cast member of Broadway’s Cats.

11. Ladies and gentlemen, the levitation press. Now even you can make like Houdini and strengthen your core while appearing to float.

12. Heels this tall and pointy already look incredibly uncomfortable, but having the weight of a barbell on your shoulders while trying to keep your balance on those chopstick heels takes skill. Skill and really strong calves.

13. This guy needed to be sure his form was perfect so his baby stayed safe. Hey, kids are never too young to start learning about overhead squats, but that guy really should slap a “Baby On Board” sticker to those weights.

14. This guy was on his way to a town hall meeting where he knew he was gonna be nodding his head in agreement to many of the statutes. So, he snuck in a quick neck workout so he could nod with fervor all night.

15. This woman went to the gym for one reason and one reason only: to work on her Segway balance. Who needs to walk when these two-wheeled contraptions exist? Running on treadmills is so a thing of the past.

16. This is exactly what friends are for: feeding each other doughnuts for sustained motivation while grunting out a new squat personal record. The guy who puts up the most weight gets another cake.

17. If the only thing that’ll get this guy into the gym is schlepping his computer along while he cycles on a stationary bike, so be it. He can get a little exercise and send some emails at the same time. Kind of genius.

18. This gym is testing self-restraint hardcore with a meticulously-placed table of deliciously evil delights. Would you have the willpower to walk past those glazed rings of heaven without caving?

19. Anyone familiar with Super Mario Kart probably recalls the cloud-riding flagman who indicates how many laps of the go-kart race remain. This guy channeled the game to help gym-goers stayed hyped.

20. There is only one man in the entire universe brave enough to even consider trying to lift that hammer. He goes by one name: Thor. Do not ever let Thor catch you looking at his hammer or else you become his dumbbell.