Top Virals Today | Japanese Artist Creates Hats For Cats Using Their Own Hair
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Japanese Artist Creates Hats For Cats Using Their Own Hair

If there’s anything that cats hate (and we know it’s actually quite a long list), it’s accessories.

But one Japanese couple found a way of not only turning their cats into good sports when it comes to putting things on their heads, but a way to recycle all the hair their feisty felines leave behind.

Japanese photographer Ryo Yamazaki and his wife Hiromi are going viral for their photographs of cats in hats. And the cats themselves – three Scottish Folds named Nya, Maru, and Mugi – are going along for the ride.

And boy do they look thrilled!

Their popular photos have even led to a cottage industry of cat fur hats that Hiromi now makes and sells.

But it was Ryo who first got the idea to make the headgear after finding a ball of fur on the floor one day that looked like a little hat.

Since then, they’ve progressed into truly artistic territory:

If you think the cats look unhappy, just remember that a cat doesn’t wear anything on its head that it doesn’t want to.

Here’s Nya, looking unamused but clearly willing to play along:

The couple thinks of hatmaking as more than a hobby – it’s a way of being creative with something that would normally go in the trash.

And since their Scottish Fold cats have the perfect heads for hats because of their flat ears, it seemed like a natural progression from cleaning up cat hair to cats modeling handmade hair crowns.

Be honest, aren’t these the perfect little heads for some headgear?

Maru seems to think so.

Despite looking a bit grumpy, the cats seem content to be models.

Be to fair, they also look grumpy without their hats too, even when they’re doing something as delightful as hogging the slippers.

Of course, the most popular photos are of the more elaborate hats their mom has made for them.

This owl hat got thousands of likes:

And as you might imagine, these festive felines are always well-dressed for Halloween!

Whatever you thought about cats on the Internet before, it’s clear that the Yamazakis are taking it to the next level.

Now, you can even get your own calendar of cats in cat hair hats as well as stationary, card, and prints online

Is there any better way to say Happy Birthday than with a card like this?

Personally, we’re waiting for this to come out as a t-shirt – no wonder it got over 11,000 likes!

With hundreds of photos and even some video of the three fabulous cats with an without their hats, it’s certainly worth checking out the family’s Instagram page here.

But we’re warning you, you’ll have to scroll back pretty far to find epic photos like this one from 2017:

You’re more than likely to join the dozens of people saying things like “I’m obsessed” on every last photo.