Top Virals Today | Kesha and Macklemore on Tour Together
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Kesha and Macklemore on Tour Together

Pop star Kesha and rapper Macklemore are uniting for a late spring tour.

They will leave on The Adventures of Kesha and Macklemore Tour in Phoenix, Arizona in June (18), and remain out and about for nine weeks previously wrapping up the trek in Tampa, Florida on 5 August (18).

The two specialists, who as of late teamed up on Macklemore’s track Good Old Days, reported the news to fans on Monday (11Dec17) in an eccentric YouTube video, in which the Same Love hip-jump star pronounces his intends to stop music for turning into a rollerblading mentor.

“I woke up today, and I had an idea,” he says in the clip, which begins off with the rapper in bed. “Music? Eurgh! F**k it!”

Swinging his feet out of bed to uncover his inline skates, he proceeds with, “I found a new language, one where I speak with my feet on blades, roller blades. Everybody knows, blades are super hot right now, so what better way to connect with America’s youth than to become a rollerblading coach?”

Macklemore, genuine name Ben Haggerty, at that point skates outside to his carport, where Kesha pulls up in her gold Trans Am.

Clarifying his new profession bearing to the Tik Tok hitmaker, he shares, “I’m just kinda over music, honestly. I feel like blading is just current, it’s new, it’s trendy.”

Fast to reject his designs, Kesha demands he’s “not a blader,” rather proposing, “I have a much better idea: what about if we go on tour, together? Me, you, our fans…?”, much to Macklemore’s enjoyment.

The joint gigs will likewise raise stores for philanthropy as $1 (£0.75) from each ticket sold will be given to makes close the performers’ hearts – Kesha is supporting the counter rape bunch RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network), while Macklemore is giving his offer of the assets to the association M Plus1, where authorities work to progress racial and social equity through the M&RL Equity Fund, which he established with his incessant colleague Ryan Lewis.

Different stops on The Adventures of Kesha and Macklemore Tour incorporate Inglewood, California; Denver, Colorado, Austin, Texas; Nashville, Tennessee; Toronto, Canada, and Atlanta, Georgia.