Top Virals Today | Kitten Meets Hedgehog And The Result Is So Cute
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Kitten Meets Hedgehog And The Result Is So Cute

When Loki the kitten first saw Harley the hedgehog, she was curious beyond imagination. This tiny, frightened creature was curled up in a poky ball, and he wasn’t ready to meet anyone. But the kitten waited patiently until her bizarre new friend was ready to introduce himself.

The adorable gray kitten watched from across the room as the hedgehog extended his body and explored the world around him. He sniffed around reluctantly, not sure of what to expect.

Loki had wanted to approach Harley for a long time, but she was confused by him. Whenever she had gotten close, his thorny spikes had steered her away. But now that he was out of his shell, this spiky fellow seemed much more inviting.

The hedgehog was sniffing away as the kitten inched closer to him, but when she got too close his shyness took over. Once their eyes met, little Harley began turning his spikes back over his face.

Both baby animals were scared at first, but eventually they were able to work out their differences. After a few interesting games the two were ables to calm their nerves and form an incredibly unique friendship. This meeting just might be the cutest thing you have ever seen.

Harley might have been shy when he was first introduced to the family, but the adorable hedgehog has come a long way. He lives with some of the most caring owners in the world, and he is lucky to have such a loving family.

When Harley was just three years old his eye was severely injured. His owners were surprised to find that eye injuries are quite common in hedgehogs. This poor guy needed a lot of help, but with care and compassion he was able to recover.

The hedgehog’s owner had come home to find her pet splattered with blood. His eye had been flattened and scraped, and he was in a lot of pain. The spiky little guy was on medication for ten days. Thankfully, he was able to make a huge comeback. Thanks to the support of his whole family, Harley regained his health.

Harley is now doing great, and he couldn’t be happier to have his feline friend by his side. This hedgehog certainly has a huge heart.