Top Virals Today | Lucky Photographers That Captured Inexplicable Nonsense
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Lucky Photographers That Captured Inexplicable Nonsense

Every person has a major responsibility to leave their house each morning with a fully charged cell phone. Not for the minutia of taking calls or in case of emergency, but solely for the purpose of capturing the weirdest public happenings on camera. Few things in life bring a euphoric rush of joy like innocently witnessing a strange random incident.

Camera-ready onlookers with fast-acting fingers are truly the unsung heroes of the technological age. Thank goodness these model citizens provided a priceless service by snapping a picture in the midst of these hilariously puzzling events…

1. Either her house is a pig pen or this woman is planning the most elaborate slip ‘n fall scheme in the history of schemes. No matter what her usage, she doesn’t look like she finds her outrageous soap purchase the least bit slippery.

2. So a dog walks into a bar, orders a glass of white, and says to the barkeep — well, we just don’t know. This fella looks like the physical manifestation of the oldest joke setup in the book. Hopefully his date was, in the most sincere sense, a dog.

3. At first glance, this chap appears to be boasting that he sewed his own tux, proudly paying tribute to the sewing machine that made it all possible. But then, the background triggers a real record scratch “what happened?” moment.

4. Could this handcuffed bride be connected to the precarious scene set in the last picture? The world will never know. One silver lining is she never has to worry about her mugshot — she looked radiant!

5. They said he would never amount to anything, but look at Seagull Man now. He definitely was the most powerful and feared person on the beach. At least while the birds were still air born.

6. Gonna go out on limb here and say this character would rather be noticed than actually camouflaged. It’s nice to have hard work recognized. Sadly, everyone else made like a tree and leafed.

7. “Honey, I turned the kids into Golden Retrievers!” That would be what you call a happy accident. Whatever took place to bring about that sort of miracle can feel free to spread like a puppy plague.

8. “Who are you looking at?” People can poke fun all they want, but he and his parents will be dry as the Sahara as they head to the bank to cash their Shark Tank checks for this handy invention. It’s a silly garment, but an improvement on the umbrella.

9. “You know, Shirley, I am starting to think it might not fit.” Spontaneous furniture purchases are such a hoot until reality sets in… in the parking lot. But despite the odds and physical impossibility, they tried to make the box fit.

10. “You didn’t have to shout, I just wanted a bite!” Territorial eaters are the worst. Hence why the bird had to teach that drama queen a lesson: if you don’t share, beware psychological warfare.

11. Again, don’t mess with a hungry bird. If you don’t share your food, then you don’t get your teeth. It’s just that simple. When you’ve had some time to think over your stingy behavior, then you may have your chompers returned.

12. Whoopsie daisy! The number one rule to blending in with the fancy shmancy: don’t spill your food. So even though this lady could crop her faux pas out for the Instagram feed, her stained reputation isn’t as easily resolved.

13. No one puts Black Panther in a box! Or, okay, maybe they do, but no one puts Black Panther in a large box he can sit in without crouching!

14. Nothing to see here, just two best friends chewing the fat on their morning walk. Seriously, a bear mascot and a color coordinated kerchief-ed old woman are a duo straight out of a storybook.

15. Mistakes are opportunities… to make dangerous and confusing crosswalks. Pedestrians have the right of way, but at this impasse, the right comes at your own risk. The most creative person on the road crew left a nonsensical legacy.

16. Sidecars have nothing on the new and improved Pony Express. Who’s going to break it to the cowboy that he’s not riding a real life bucking bronco, so the whip isn’t exactly necessary?

17. Hollywood has really taken it one step too far with all the movie reboots. Lady and the Tramp was a fine film, and these two don’t have nearly as much chemistry as the original cast.

18. When the worst person in the office gets a new job, suddenly all that Smaug business is in the past. It’s handshakes and well wishes all around.

19. Poor Jeffrey! As if Toys R Us closing wasn’t sad enough, everyone forgot about the future of the most famous giraffe spokesman. Judging by the Hawaiian shirt, safari hat, and sunglasses, Jeffrey set off for an easy retirement.

20. In Belgium, make sure to watch your step. Giant stone children and their dogs take naps right in the center of the street, and then workers just brick the street right over the top of them.