Top Virals Today | Music Starts From Greatest Showman, Moments In Sultry Dance Makes Everyone’s Eyes Pop
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Music Starts From Greatest Showman, Moments In Sultry Dance Makes Everyone’s Eyes Pop

It’s not very often that you see something that makes you jump out of your chair and scream, “Whaaaat did I just see?!”

But, that’s exactly what will happen after you watch Shane and Shannon Jensen dance to “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman.

Shane and Shannon are part of a new generation of performers who bring a visually stunning, acrobatic flair to an already thriving ballroom dancing scene.

Their otherworldly grace and fluidity will make you question whether or not they’re “cheating.” Are they regular human dancers, or an entirely new, genetically-enhanced breed?

If they look a little bit familiar, it’s because they’re already semi-celebrities who have racked up several hours worth of “15 minutes of fame.”

It’s quite possible that you may have spotted Shane and Shannon when they auditioned for season 11 of America’s Got Talent, watched them perform on The Today Show, or saw them on the PBS Special, “The American Ballroom Challenge.”

Shane started training in gymnastics when he was just 6 years old, and goofing around on the monkey bars gave him an advantage that other dancers don’t have – incredible acrobatic aerial skills!

Once he reached his teens, Shane started exploring the exotic world of ballroom dancing. It became his new passion, but he never forgot what he learned from his gymnast roots.

Any guy who can drop down and do the splits while holding his wife straight up in the air has definitely learned a thing or two!

Shannon had a similar upbringing, and when she was a little girl she was part of an acrobatic jump rope team for the American Heart Association.

All that high-speed jumping made her lithe, limber, and quick as a panther, which are qualities she still brings to her dance routines to this very day!

All it took was a beginning ballroom dance class in junior high for Shannon to fall in love with the whirling and twirling. Soon it turned into more than just a hobby, and she went on to win the National Amateur Cabaret Vice Champion title (twice!) while still in her teens.

Shane and Shannon were merely students when they met each other at Brigham Young University in Utah, but they graduated as both dancing and life partners.

The talented duo have been competing as professional ballroom dancers since 2012, and in that short amount of time they’ve received several accolades for their outstanding technical skills.

In the video below, it’s quite evident that Shane and Shannon are dancing across the floor in the same way that figure skaters glide across the ice. The similarities are so eerie!

If you didn’t know better, you might suspect that they’re wearing invisible blades underneath their feet!

The choreography of their routine couldn’t be better – the geometry and symmetry of their movements is mind-blowing perfect.

As you continue to watch the video, you might ponder which is these is the truer statement: Shane spends hours every day in the gym lifting weights, or his wife is lighter than a leaf.

Speaking of Shannon, she’s somehow able to maintain her balance without flopping over like a rag doll every time her husband bench presses her up into the air!

Shane and Shannon are masters at skillfully weaving their background in gymnastics and dancing into a brand new style of “moving art.”

Be careful, though, because once you watch them perform, you’ll be totally addicted to what they have to offer. Getting your fix will be “Never Enough” after that!