Top Virals Today | People Share Hysterical Vacation Photos From Disastrous Trips They Lived To Regret
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People Share Hysterical Vacation Photos From Disastrous Trips They Lived To Regret

To the overworked and over-stressed, nothing sounds better than a vacation. After all, lounging at the free continental breakfast always beats rushing out the door—protein bar in hand—to make the first of many meetings at the office…right?

But anyone who has ever booked a little rest and relaxation knows that not every vacation melts away life-induced exhaustion. In fact, the travelers that took these 10 hilariously bad vacation photos might forgo their next trip for a far less stressful staycation in the backyard…

1. As this family discovered, Disneyland is only the Happiest Place on Earth if you love long lines, anthropomorphic mice, and over-priced fair-quality food. You’d find more thrills at a lunch-time board meeting.

2. World travel lets you explore different cultures in thrilling ways. On this vacation, for instance, these young women learned that, in stingray culture, photobombs aren’t just allowed—they’re required.

3. Photocopiers and water coolers look like world wonders when compared to the sight of your tent blowing away, looking like a UFO. Remember the stakes next time, pal.

4. Roughing it, as indicated by its name, never offers the luxuries of an air-conditioned home. Flipping burgers required a little creativity from these campers, who at least found a purpose for cheap beer.

5. Unlike your cubicle, vacations often require balance, or, at the very least, the rare ability not to teeter over a knee-high rail. But hey, at least the Koi fish saw something exciting.

6. Life’s too short to let death, destruction, and boardwalk-incinerating fires ruin your vacation. But all that smoke certainly gets in the way of a good tan…

7. In any of the highly trafficked sun-baked states, locals play a game called spot the tourist. It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is look for someone who forgot that sunscreen is a thing.

8. Surely, years later, these two brothers looked back on their adolescent camping trip and laughed and laughed at the time they faced off against a deadly bear and dad ran for the camera.

9. You never know what you might see when exploring dense jungles in faraway countries, but some sights have a way of etching themselves more permanently into your memory.

10. You know you should’ve saved your PTO when, in the process of documenting a beach stroll with a powdered doughnut, a seagull pries the pastry from your fingers.

These vacationers and day-trippers might think twice before leaving their backyard next time they get the itch to travel. As the saying goes, sometimes you need a vacation from the vacation!

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