Top Virals Today | Perfect Puppy Photos That Will Make You Smile
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Perfect Puppy Photos That Will Make You Smile

Dogs are cheerful creatures who love their humans fiercely and unconditionally. If you’re upset, dogs can lift your mood just by being themselves. Even if you don’t have a pup yourself, just looking at photos of dogs can make you feel better. If you’re having a bad day, these adorable dog photos will help.

These photos were taken at the perfect moment, resulting in amazing images that are sure to make you grin from ear-to-ear. There are photos of dogs hard at work, and there are photos of dogs simply being their goofy selves. But there’s one thing all of these photos have in common: they’re all heart-meltingly adorable!

If you’re a dog lover, you’re sure to enjoy looking through these photos. These cute, heartwarming, and funny dog photos will make you smile wider than you ever have before!

1) Three-Eyed Dog

Dogs love making their humans happy. To make their owner smile, dogs will sometimes let their humans do silly things like putting a googly eye on their forehead. This dog seems a little confused about their new third eye, but they’re happy to see their human laughing.

2) Comforting Dog

When these dogs’ owner told them to get in the car, they began worrying they were going to the vet. The two dogs comforted each other, which brought a smile to their owner’s face. Luckily, it turned out they weren’t going to the vet—they were actually going to the dog park. We’re sure the dogs’ tails started wagging once they realized their true destination!

3) Dog Healer

After this woman hurt her leg, she had to do stretches to help with the healing process. Her sweet Chow Chow noticed the woman’s scar and wanted to help her feel better. And so, he put his paw on her leg while she was stretching. The Chow Chow’s owner started crying when she saw her dog’s paw on her scar—she was so moved by her dog’s kindness!

4) Purebread Dog

We love everything about this photo, from the hilarious ‘purebread’ dog pun to the way this dog’s fur perfectly matches the bread around his face. Hopefully, the dog’s owner let him eat some of the bread to thank him for being such a good boy.

5) Beanie Baby Dog

This little dog is so tiny and adorable, she perfectly blends into this Beanie Baby display. Maybe her owner will consider dressing the dog up as a Beanie Baby for Halloween one year—the costume would fit this pup perfectly!

6) German Shepherd And His Basket

This friendly German Shepherd was at the groomers when he noticed a little Maltese in a basket. The pup saw a great opportunity to make a new friend, and so he started carrying the basket around. As you can see in this hilarious photo, he was a bit shocked when the groomer turned around and saw him.

7) Selfless Pup

When this selfless dog saw that his owner’s van was stuck in the water, he immediately jumped out and helped push. We’re sure the dog’s owner was grateful for his help, and we hope that they were able to quickly get the van out of the water!

8) Fluffy Dog

This dog went in for a simple beauty treatment, and she ended up reaching levels of fluff that were previously thought to be unattainable! We love this dog’s beautiful, fluffy fur, and we also love seeing how relaxed the dog looks. She seems to be enjoying her new fur style.

9) Brave Explorer Pup

This dog has boldly gone where no pup has gone before: into the mouth of a dinosaur. Judging by his happy expression, the dog seems to be enjoying his trip into the dinosaur. He looks like he’s ready to explore some more interesting sights!

10) Balancing Golden Retriever

This golden retriever has truly incredible balance. We’re amazed by how still he is—he isn’t spilling one drop! This pup should definitely try out for the dog version of America’s Got Talent.

11) Gentleman Dog

This handsome gentleman looks absolutely dapper in his special, handmade clothing. He looks like he’s enjoying wearing his shirt, and his mom is definitely enjoying taking photos of him. We hope this dog’s owner shares more cute photos of the pup and his shirt collection

12) Dog Helpers

Here’s a photo that’s sure to bring a tear to your eye. These good boys and girls are all therapy dogs at a children’s hospital in Italy. In the photo, they’re waiting to see their patients, and it’s clear that they can’t wait to start helping people. These dogs are all incredible!

13) Fashionable Dachshund

This stylish dachshund loves wearing hats, but since his head is so small, it’s hard to find a hat that fits him perfectly. Luckily, his owner came up with a creative solution: a Croc hat! The pup looks like he’s enjoying wearing his unique hat.

14) Begging For Food

These two pups have found a very unique way to ask their owner for food: the little dog sits on his bigger sibling’s head! We’re sure their owner can’t resist giving her pups a treat or two when she sees this—after she stops laughing, of course.

15) Spreading The Love

Hurley the curly-haired puppy loves giving hugs more than anything in the world. Anytime the friendly dog sees another pup, he can’t help but wrap his arms around them. Hurley’s owner always makes sure to capture cute photos of his little dog spreading the love.

16) Booping Noses

When two Labrador Retriever siblings met the dog who had just moved in next door, they knew just how to welcome him to the neighborhood. The dogs did a group nose boop to solidify their bond. We’re sure these three are BFFs now!

17) Corgi And His New Friend

When a kindhearted Corgi met an elderly gentleman who loves dogs, she knew just what to do. The Corgi jumped in the man’s lap to say hello, and the happy man gave her a huge hug. This photo shows why dogs are so great—they always seem to know what the people around them need!

18) Duck Lip Dog

Here’s a photo that’s sure to make you giggle. This pup wanted some of their owner’s Pringles, and the owner decided to let the dog have a treat. But to get the Pringles, the dog had to take a funny duck lip photo!