Top Virals Today | Snoop Dogg is Thinking About Starting a Gospel Career
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Snoop Dogg is Thinking About Starting a Gospel Career

Snoop Dogg is hoping to enter the gospel sort as he gets ready to change his picture once more in 2018.

The hip-jump legend has just ventured outside of his rap establishes previously, having discharged his reggae collection Reincarnation in 2013 after quickly embracing his Rastafarian-enlivened stage name Snoop Lion, and now he is thinking about making Christian music.

“I have always wanted to try Gospel,” he tells Billboard. “This may surprise some people but all I gotta say is get ready for some ‘good for your soul’ music in 2018!”

In spite of the fact that the adaptable performer has huge plans for the New Year, he is glad to put his aspiring interests on stop as he commends the Christmas occasions at home with his significant other Shante, their three children, and more distant family.

“My family and I really just relax and enjoy time with each other,” Snoop shares. “The year is always hectic for us so we just chill out. We don’t have any fancy traditions but our holiday is all about good food, good company, and good music.”

“My family all comes together to help out but my wife, Boss Lady, always leads the way. She’s an amazing cook and pulls it all together for the holidays. We sometimes have family over to hit the BBQ as well. Nothing like a Dogg family Christmas meal!”

The Gin and Juice hitmaker will likewise be serving his most loved Tanqueray blended toast visitors as they ring in 2018 at his New Year’s Eve bash.

“There is always a big party at my house to close out the year,” Snoop smiles. “The playlist is always fresh. We listen to a mix of everything. The essentials for throwing a good Dogg holiday party: get the whole crew together with some fresh beats, amazing food, and of course we’re sippin’ on Gin and Juice, baby!”