Top Virals Today | Strange Objects People Came Across That Left Them With So Many Unanswered Questions
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Strange Objects People Came Across That Left Them With So Many Unanswered Questions

No one can keep track of every single thing in their attic or backyard. You’re bound to come across a mystery hiding in your own home sooner or later. The real challenge is figuring out exactly what the heck you’re dealing with, especially when it’s really weird.

These curious redditors had no clue what to do with their bizarre finds, so they enlisted the all-knowing hive mind of the internet to help them out. When truth behind each unusual discovery came to light it was just too much…

1. A girl found this monstrosity while playing in her backyard. Though it looks like an evil brain with tentacles, it’s actually cedar apple rust, a parasitic fungus that feeds off of trees.

2. Does the ocean get pimples too? A tourist in Cancun spotted these mysterious pods at the end of a pier. In reality, they are reef balls — manmade, concrete habitats that shelter endangered marine life.

3. Yikes, that is a creepy bug. It happens to be a male Creatonotos gangis moth with its scent glands extended to attract a mate. All humans should feel grateful we can just use dating apps instead.

4. Is that person holding a melted water bottle? It’s actually a salp. These transparent sea creatures connect to each other in long chains that can cover thousands of square miles of ocean.

5. One Goodwill shopper stumbled across this $300 item, which resembles an alien heat ray. It does get quite hot, as it is a microincinerator used to sterilize needles and other equipment.

6. This object looks like a lime, but it’s light as a balloon. It’s called an oak apple gall, which is a wasp nest laid inside a tree’s leaf tissue. You definitely won’t want to use this in any recipes!

7. What’s this, a buried treasure trove of bad toupees? These fuzzballs are curled up fern fronds, sometimes called ‘hairy knuckles,’ that unravel and sprout leaves as they mature.

8. Feed me, Seymour! This plant looks like it’s out of the Little Shop of Horrors, but don’t worry, it won’t be eating anyone. It’s the flower of a skunk cabbage, which grows in swamps and smells about as good as you would expect.

9. Let this critter serve as a reminder not to touch every unusual thing you find. That’s because this is a Portuguese man-of-war, one of the most dangerous types of jellyfish in the world. Whether or not the person taking this photo ever figured that out… remains to be seen.

10. Nope, that’s not a medieval battle axe. It’s a strainer for frying pans, useful for discarding grease and oil while saving all the delicious tidbits of fried food.

How many of these strange discoveries did you correctly identify?

Try to stump your friends by sharing them below!