Top Virals Today | The Biggest ’80s Fitness Stars Are In A Totally Different Place Now
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The Biggest ’80s Fitness Stars Are In A Totally Different Place Now

The 1980s saw the emergence of a huge fitness boom. Suddenly, everybody was an aerobics nut dressed to the nines in leotards and legwarmers. Even celebrities threw themselves into the fad, some of them pouring their entire careers into becoming exercise gurus.

Though you haven’t watched any of their jazzercise tapes in decades, you’ll certainly remember these former fitness stars. You might just be surprised by what they’ve been up to since then, too. We hope you’ve got your sweatbands on for this reading workout!

1. Cher: She already conquered the music and movie worlds, but the Goddess of Pop added another achievement to her resume with the CherFitness line. Luckily for her, brightly colored spandex bodysuits were not too far removed from her typical wardrobe.

Cher’s star power still burns as brightly as ever! Besides recording a number of new albums, she belted out ABBA classics in the 2018 sequel Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

2. Richard Simmons: The most colorful fitness guru out there, Richard made a huge splash with his hyper-energy levels and sequined tops. His eccentricity made him a pop culture icon, with frequent appearances on Howard Stern and David Letterman.

As of 2014, however, Richard stopped making public appearances. While some reporters speculated that his house staff had kidnapped him, it turned out that the aerobic star simply wanted a little more privacy.

3. Jane Fonda: Already the winner of two Academy Awards, Jane had to take a break from the movie biz after fracturing her foot. Aerobics got her fit again, and she subsequently launched a line of workout videos that helped spread the fitness craze.

Now past 80, Jane still headlines major Hollywood projects. She’s also in as good of shape as ever! Since 2010, Jane has released a handful of videos for yoga classes — arguably the aerobics fad for the next generation.

4. Heather Locklear: Right in the midst of her Dynasty and T.J. Hooker fame, the actress decided to ride the celebrity workout wave. She debuted Heather Locklear Presents Your Personal Workout without ever having done aerobics before!

Heather’s TV career continued to flourish with big roles on Melrose Place and Spin City. More recently, however, legal issues and substance abuse have derailed her professional efforts.

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger: This ordinary kid from Austria ballooned into the most famous bodybuilder in history. He won a string of Mr. Universe titles from 1967 to 1970, plus he had a bit of an acting career that you might be familiar with.

Following two terms as the Governator of California, Arnold is still going strong in the gym. He’s also made a welcome return to Hollywood, making good on his “I’ll be Back” promise from Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

6. Raquel Welch: Almost twenty years after wowing audiences with her fur bikini-clad role in One Million Years B.C., Raquel showed she still had a body to die for. Her fitness books and videos were bestsellers, along with posters of her in workout gear.

Raquel continued her prolific acting career following the fitness boom, though she’s entered semi-retirement since the early 2000s. Even approaching 80, however, she remains in fantastic shape. Looks like she still reads her old book!