Top Virals Today | The Most Unhealthy Habits That People Should Break As Soon As Possible
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The Most Unhealthy Habits That People Should Break As Soon As Possible

We’ve all had family members scold us for gnawing at our cuticles or for sitting too close to the television. But, did we ever listen? Nope. We’d roll our eyes and shrug our shoulders, assuming that they were just being overprotective. The grave danger of these silly habits was never taken seriously — but maybe it should have been.

See, some nasty everyday habits are more hazardous than they appear on the surface, and they put our precious health at risk. If you have any of these habits, you might want to try quitting before it’s too late.

1. Sleeping With The Lights On: We all know that children are often scared of the monsters lurking within the darkness, but we shouldn’t let them sleep with the lights on too often!

Bright lights, especially those blue-tinged lights (ever notice that most social media sites use blue?), tend to keep you up longer by disturbing your body’s melatonin production cycle. When lights are kept on, our bodies assume the sun is still out.

2. Hitting The Snooze Button: That bittersweet snooze button may actually be more bitter than sweet, especially in terms of mental health and mood. If you’re overly exhausted upon waking, slamming that tempting button might be making a deal with the devil.

After pressing the snooze button, your body may start a new deep sleep cycle, which would inevitably lead to another interruption approximately 9 minutes later. To avoid a prolonged sleep inertia, a physiological state of being, well, zombie-like, just get your butt up after the initial scream of the alarm clock.

3. Biting Your Nails: Have you ever really thought about the countless questionable items you touch throughout the day? Doorknobs, public toilets, garbage, not to mention your germ-infested cellphone. They all carry a laundry list of possibly illness-inducing microbes — and you’re sticking them in your mouth.

Besides the likelihood of getting sick, the cuticle area around your nail beds could get infected, and tooth damage is even conceivable depending on how often and how hard you’re biting.

4. Skipping SPF: While the sun is so relaxing with its golden rays and delicious warmth, to safely enjoy its gifts, you can’t skip sunblock! And not just for sunbathing; you should always be coated in SPF.

Bare, unprotected skin is susceptible to rapid aging and skin cancer caused by UV light. You should apply a minimum of SPF 30 to your face, neck, and ears daily if you want to protect your vulnerable skin. The skin is your largest organ, so take care of it!

5. Flushing Toilet With The Lid Open: Though it’s oddly satisfying to watch your waste swirl down into the plumbing pipes (is that just us?), we urge you to shut the lid of your toilet before you flush. Why? Well, flushing a toilet basically catapults a plethora of junk into the air!