Top Virals Today | These Cute Newborn Puppies in Costumes Will Brighten Your Day
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These Cute Newborn Puppies in Costumes Will Brighten Your Day

Twitter is always blessing the world with glorious — albeit often very random — pick-me-ups. Yesterday, that pick-me-up was supplied by none other than a now-viral drag queen slaying her Voldemort-themed performance, and today, five insanely cute newborn puppies are bringing smiles to people on the social media platform.

Twitter user Lisa Seger , a woman who happens to be running for Texas state representative, recently took a break from her campaigning duties to share a very important announcement with her followers. “Not really campaign related, but thought you should know. Our current foster dog arrived pregnant. And had five puppies about a week ago. And I’m making them Halloween costumes. You’re welcome,” she wrote while sharing a few photos of the pups in their teeny-tiny getups. One was dressed like a lion, another wore a pink and yellow flower around its face, a tiny black puppy wore ladybug wings, another donned glittery butterfly wings, and the last one wore a makeshift turtle costume.

Newborn Puppies in Halloween Costumes

Read on to see a few squeal-worthy photos of the newborn doggos in their homemade costumes. Our fingers (and toes!) are crossed that she shares even more of these in the future.