Top Virals Today | Tiny Girl Has Everyone In Laughter When She Shakes It Up With Her Favorite Song
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Tiny Girl Has Everyone In Laughter When She Shakes It Up With Her Favorite Song

Think about your favorite song of all time. Every time it comes on, does it make you do something? Dance? Bob your head? Even cry? No matter what emotion the lyrics evoke from you, it’s safe to say music is an incredibly powerful force. One little girl who knows this better than most is the one you see in the video below. She may be just a toddler, but she sure knows how to boogie to her favorite tune, “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift. Taylor’s upbeat pop song fills her heart, and she can’t help but let her feet move to the beat – and with the help of Mom’s old heels, nonetheless! Thank goodness Mom spotted her daughter dancing in the mirror and had her camera nearby. This moment is such a sweet one!

While Taylor Swift was once known as a country music artist, she’s shifted her attention more to pop in recent years. The album “Shake It Off” is featured on, 1989, is technically labeled as dance-pop – and this little girl’s rocking video confirms it. The song rocked music charts at home and abroad, it reached the top spot on US Billboard Hot 100, Canadian Hot 100, Czech Republic Singles Digital Top 100, Denmark Airplay Tracklisten, Hungary Single Top 40, New Zealand Recorded Music, Polish Airplay Top 100 and many more! Obviously, people from all corners of the globe loved dancing to Taylor’s fun song.

Mom watches with a grin on her face as her daughter twirls around the bedroom. She loves Taylor Swift – her music is too good to ignore! Take a peek at this little girl’s boogying session in the video below. Her sweet, carefree moment is proof that we should all let loose a little more. We can afford to dress up in a silly outfit, blast our favorite song and dance around the house!