Top Virals Today | Toddler Noticed Everyone Signing To Her Dad So She Tries It Out In Cutest Home Video.
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Toddler Noticed Everyone Signing To Her Dad So She Tries It Out In Cutest Home Video.

One of the many wonderful characteristics about children is their eagerness to connect with other people, no matter the differences or barriers between them.

Maria Sofia Angulo Nava, a 1.5-year-old from Sonora, Mexico, is no exception. Her biggest goal right now is to be able to talk to her parents, but it’s not as simple as opening her mouth to speak. You see, Maria’s mother, Christina, and father, Jonathan, are both deaf and communicate through sign language.

That said, Maria isn’t about to let anything get in the way of spending quality time with her dad. In fact, she’s already taking steps to master the language… even if she doesn’t understand it just yet.

In an adorable home video, Maria can be seen imitating the hand gestures she’s accustomed to seeing from Mom and Dad.

She pats Jonathan on the hand, giggles, and then brings her fingers to her mouth, seemingly asking for bread. She repeats it a few more times for emphasis, but it looks like something gets lost in translation.

“Do you want to use sign language?” Jonathan asks, chuckling. “What is it that you want?” He eventually gives up and pulls her in for a kiss.

jonathan signs to maria
Maria’s grandmother, Lupita Padilla, says the little girl only knows a few words in sign language but emphasizes that she’s very smart and determined. “All she wanted was to communicate with him, like every other child. What she wants is to talk to him, even though she doesn’t understand,” she explained, adding that when she saw the footage, she “was very moved, I cried.”

We’re certain Maria will pick up the language in no time. Her parents must be so proud. Watch as the little darling does her best to sign to her dad, and don’t forget to share if she made you smile.