Top Virals Today | Trippy Photos That Captured Glitches In Reality
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Trippy Photos That Captured Glitches In Reality

Like it or not, there are basic laws of physics we all have to follow. What goes up must come down. Nobody can be in two places at once. You get the idea! But every once in awhile, you’ll spot some oddity that seems to shatter everything we know about our world.

A few passersby were lucky enough to photograph these “glitches” in reality — moments where the world’s code just sort of bugged out. Some have clever tricks behind them, while others are downright inexplicable. Can you crack the code behind these oddities?

1. These copycats are bound to make any onlooker do a double-take! It’s too bad that felines don’t like water because these two would make for a fantastic synchronized swimming team.

2. Did they finally build a mall so big that it opened up a portal to another dimension? Well, if you look closely, you’ll notice the skater is inside a mirrored box. He’s got to be a pretty serious athlete to shred inside an optical illusion for that long!

3. The bad news is that your train will never appear when you want it to. But the good news is that you’ll have these mirror-image jazzmen to serenade you as you wait. If jazz is about the notes they don’t play, then commuting is about the trains that don’t come!

4. When the sunlight hit this puddle just right, it seemingly transformed into a wormhole to outer space. By the looks of it, any animals who drink from that pool of water will gain the ability to see into the future.

5. Except for the fact that they’re carrying their bags and canes in opposite hands, these old guys are two of a kind! This is what it would look like if the twin ghosts from The Shining had lovable grandfathers.

6. This is no normal driveway. If you look above and to the right of the wheel, you can see the outline of a car — one that seems almost invisible. In reality, it’s a black vehicle with so much polish that it’s reflecting everything around it!

7. As the old saying goes, life imitates art! Alternatively, maybe these folks simply commissioned a portrait of their relative in his favorite outfit and napping spot. That does look like a pretty comfortable couch, after all.

8. This Redditor expected to see a great many things during her first visit to the United States. However, she never expected to bump into her doppelgänger on her very first day!

9. Cyclists might want to steer clear of this area. This public park just might take the cake for the worst bike path in history. At least its architect was thoughtful enough to put a sign out front, just so everyone knows what they’re getting into.

10. On any given day, you can find a real treasure in a thrift shop. It could be a vintage outfit, some valuable antiques, or even your long-lost twin! After these dudes hit it off, we can only assume they went to a Phish concert.

11. Residents of Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley woke up one morning to find eight rainbows emerging from a nearby forest! The only explanation was that there was some kind of leprechaun convention in town.

12. Should you ever be in the need for some canine backup dancers — seriously, who isn’t — you might want to track down these two pups. They’re so perfectly in sync that it looks like someone copied and pasted a single dog across the room.

13. Many of us have cracked open an egg with a double yolk before. No big deal! However, this Redditor’s grandmother owns a hen that lays nothing but double eggs! Double vision and your daily dose of protein? Check!

14. Even the world’s most brilliant scientists would be hard pressed to explain these lookalikes ending up side-by-side. Maybe a local store was having a big sale on red hair dye and flashy jumpsuits?

15. At first, nothing appears out of the ordinary about this charging cord. But check out the shadow — there’s a loop in the middle! It looks like the charger’s shadow has a complete mind of its own!

16. Spoiler alert! One upside to getting stuck in traffic is the chance to notice weird vehicle patterns, like these three identical Nissan Skylines in a row. This must be the most specific car club in the world.

17. Everybody needs a little change of scenery now and then. Even this flame somehow managed to hop off the wick and go for a stroll. So what if it flies in the face of conventional candle logic?

18. These two guys took workplace synergy to the next level when they showed up to a tech conference looking exactly alike. We bet they’ve even got the same objects stuffed inside those cargo shorts.

19. Though it looks like a botched Photoshop job, this photo is 100% legitimate. Workers just happened to start painting this building the exact color of the sky! Wonder how that worked out. It’s hard to build a client base when customers can’t find you!

20. Did gravity suddenly shift sideways? It seems like there’s no other explanation for this string hanging in mid-air. If you look closely, however, a thin thread or spider web is holding up the loose ends.