Top Virals Today | Wild Facts That Sound Too Far Out To Be True
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Wild Facts That Sound Too Far Out To Be True

Where were you when you learned that giraffes have black tongues, or that some turtles can live for hundreds of years? Maybe you read these tidbits on a Snapple cap, but there are even more incredible facts that completely change how we look at the so-called ordinary world.

While the human mind is capable of making up some pretty outlandish pieces of fiction, nothing will ever rival what Mother Nature can dish out in all its odd and baffling glory. and these head-scratching realities are proof of that!

1. There’s an oceanic isopod that acts as a parasite to fish and replaces their tongue! They enter through the gills where they sever the blood vessels of the tongue and take over food consumption.

2. Researchers at the non-profit Oceana found an alarming truth about the fish consumers buy. They claim most of it is purposefully mislabeled, which means that the expensive yellowtail you bought could very well actually be catfish or some other bottom feeder.

3. Sentencing people to death by way of the guillotine sounds cruel and unusual nowadays, but France did it up until 1977. That was the same year Star Wars: A New Hope came out!

4. Jellyfish aren’t just bizarre looking: their anatomy is just as weird. They use the same opening to consume food as they do to excrete waste. They’re the trash talkers of the ocean!

5. If you’re the kind of person who’s terrified of bugs, just know there are actually microscopic mites with wormlike bodies that live on your face! Luckily, you’ll never actually see them.